About Isidima


Isidima is a 100% black economic empowered company. Wholly owned by previously disadvantaged senior employees of Martin & East, Isidima is completely autonomous and was established in 2002 as a means of empowering and financially rewarding PDI employees of the group. Since inception, Isidima has enjoyed stellar growth.

A true empowerment organisation, Isidima differs from many other BEE companies because shares in the business must be bought by employees using their own funds. There is also an aspirational element to Isidima because shares are only available to qualifying staff members within the Martin & East group. In addition, shareholders must have been with the group for a minimum period of three years and must be currently employed in order to hold shares.

Not only does Isidima serve to motivate and empower employees of the Martin & East Group by offering them the means to facilitate their own wealth creation, the organisation’s level 1 BEE rating and level 6 CE PE rating ensures that contractors and partner businesses have a means of bolstering their BEE credentials when tendering for major contracts.